Raya Goodies!

It's that time of the year when it's all about placing cookie orders for Raya! If you want decadent bites using the best of ingredients (yup, I use only butter), then you've come to the right blogshop! :) These delicious treats are perfect to be served to your guests as it is something different than the usual cookies served during Raya.


Melts-in-your-mouth and leaves a smile on your face


The 411 : Custom Cake Order Know-How

Ah...novelty cakes...how everyone loves thee. A conversation piece at any party or event, it's a new form of art which is almost a must-have these days. Some are just way out there like the Bumblebee cake shown on one of the episodes of Cake Boss (go and watch it now if you haven't...a jaw dropper for me I tell you!) or an upside-down, gravity-defying wedding cake. Or it can just be a simple crowd-pleaser at a kids party.

So how do you go about getting one of these edible piece of art? And what in the name of Jedi forces made me want to share the processes and cake order etiquette with you lovely readers?